My Fireplace

Buying a quality fireplace door is easier than you think with all of the great information available on the web today. Many choices exist, from custom frame finishes to different colors of glass and door styles. Before you get to pick all of the cool options though, first you've got to figure out what type of fireplace your home has.

Fireplaces Fall In Two Categories

The difference in your home's fireplace will determine what type of door you will need to purchase. Let's take a look at the differences:

1.) Factory Fireplace Doors - These doors are designed to fit fireplaces that were made in a factory and then installed in your home. Factory fireplaces are often metal and will have a sticker with the fireplace brand and model number inside. If you can find this model number keep it on hand for selecting the right door for your fireplace.

2.) Masonry Fireplace Doors - Masonry fireplaces are built by hand using brick or stone. These fireplaces are each unique and usually require a custom built set of doors. The masonry door sets are very much more expensive but they can take a little longer to produce. Great options for finishes and glass colors exist for all custom masonry door options.