Fireplace Door Suppliers In Kansas

Search our database to find fireplace door retailers in Kansas. Be sure to be familiar with the type of fireplace you have when contacting your local retailer and be sure to read our guide on the difference between types of fireplaces.

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To begin finding a fireplace door to fit your hearth, select your town from the list above to see retailers that are convenient to your area. Our database has all of the door suppliers that we have listed in Kansas and we'll give you the rundown on the best discounts. Also take the time to learn about an easy to assemble fireplace door kits that can fit all types of fireplaces and is a great do it yourself project.

Brands We Recommend:

All brands we recommend are proudly made in the USA

Brick-Anew - Brick-Anew is a retailer that sells fireplace doors from a number of companies as well as custom produced doors. Available for any size fireplace, Brick-Anew also offers a low price guarantee, 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Currently one of the biggest retailers of fireplace products online.

Thermo-Rite - Thermo-rite offers stock and custom doors available in brass, brass plated metal, steel and anodized aluminum. Tempered glass in all doors also create a unique safety feature in that they are able to withstand higher temperatures and impacts than traditional fireplace doors.