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Tips For Buying Fireplace Doors Online

To make the process of buying your fireplace doors as painless as possible, learn as much as you can about your home's fireplace. For example, is the surround of the fireplace made of metal or is it brick and mortar? A metal fireplace will often indicate a pre-fabricated unit, a term that means your fireplace was made in a factory and installed during the construction of your home. A brick and mortar or stone fireplace will likely have been created by hand during the building of your home, making your fireplace much more unique than a factory built fireplace. A custom masonry fireplace will often require you take accurate measurements in order to ensure the best fit for your fireplace doors. Start by measuring the height and width of the firebox opening, from brick to brick on each side.

Be sure to have your fireplace's measurements ready when are ready to speak to a salesman about available your doors. Factory fireplaces can be a little easier to find doors for because all brands and model numbers are made to the exact model specifications. If you look inside the hearth of your fireplace you will find a sticker that gives the brand and model number of the fireplace. Doors can be made according to the dimensions of these model numbers, but if you can't find yours don't worry, you can still have a set of doors custom built to fit your fireplace for well under $500.

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